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Life is like this.


Focus Fun


HOME SOIL RAIN – Coming to a theater near you this Spring.

August…1960…Las Vegas
Clouds shielding the hot summer sun
of the desert
Gusts of wind.
Light rain.
Let’s to outside to catch the rainwater
to wash our hair-only a fantasy.
The parched earth is damp.
Streams and rivers run down our street.
The air is cool.
The pungent and sweet smell of creosote
is intoxicating.

Quantum Hermit

PROMPT: Free Association
Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say:  home… soil… rain…   Use those words in the title of your post.]

This is a favorite ‘game’ I’ve been playing in a thread over at a forum which is Stargate specific. Still it is very interesting in how it filtered into my brain. I didn’t just read it as three separate words. I saw it as a statement: Home Soil Rain.

That’s my back yard in the spring, and it is so very pleasant, sitting at the window looking out, watching, listening, breathing in the exquisite scent of how Earthy the air is any time it rains, in weather that doesn’t have that frozen over, all’s gone to seed sense, the way winter does.

The Earth is my home, and the rich lush growth which rises up from the soil with the loving caress of even…

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Yes, this is my hometown!  Las Vegas really does have a wetlands area that is the home of many traveling birds.

Yes, this is my hometown! Las Vegas really does have a wetlands area that is the home of many traveling birds.

I just returned from a six-day stay in Los Angeles.  The pace of LA led me to so much appreciate the quietness of Las Vegas.  The real Las Vegas that is home to families and wild life.  The skies tonight were incredibly beautiful with clouds and golden trim.  I was so happy to see them as I looked up, I couldn’t even bother to get my camera.  Tomorrow…I’ve been away from my blogging and missed all the connections and inspirations.  Now in the comfort of my own studio at home I can focus on what this is all about for me. I do miss my lovely young family in that wildly hyper place.  But for now, I am home and focusing on life beyond my darling 22-month-old grandson.

It’s good to be home in Southern Nevada.

Revise, revise, revise

Today I have spent my waking hours in bed with a miserable cold. At the same time,it’s afforded me some great pleasures reading my fellow bloggers’ works.

Early on today I read an article from an old New Yorker (July 2014) by Sasha Frere-Jones about the ambient genius Brian Eno. Brian’s music and sound have always touched me.

Later, while perusing my favorite blogs, I read about a New Yorker cover page, which I always find interesting. Wish I could give credit to the person now, but I can’t at the moment. Serendipity happened and I was able to actually spend several hours reading the current edition of the New Yorker on line from their blog. Guess who I saw? A video where Sasha took over an interview for Charlie Rose.

Later I read about how Sasha spends hours revising several times before turning things into his editor. The editor usually cuts out the first two paragraphs because he considers it “throat clearing.” I love this idea! When I hear of a writer for great magazines like Slate or The New Yorker going through it, I am inspired for my own revision process, which by the way, I have not done.  I am just doing the basics of flow and not focusing a great deal on content this week.