Revise, revise, revise

Today I have spent my waking hours in bed with a miserable cold. At the same time,it’s afforded me some great pleasures reading my fellow bloggers’ works.

Early on today I read an article from an old New Yorker (July 2014) by Sasha Frere-Jones about the ambient genius Brian Eno. Brian’s music and sound have always touched me.

Later, while perusing my favorite blogs, I read about a New Yorker cover page, which I always find interesting. Wish I could give credit to the person now, but I can’t at the moment. Serendipity happened and I was able to actually spend several hours reading the current edition of the New Yorker on line from their blog. Guess who I saw? A video where Sasha took over an interview for Charlie Rose.

Later I read about how Sasha spends hours revising several times before turning things into his editor. The editor usually cuts out the first two paragraphs because he considers it “throat clearing.” I love this idea! When I hear of a writer for great magazines like Slate or The New Yorker going through it, I am inspired for my own revision process, which by the way, I have not done.  I am just doing the basics of flow and not focusing a great deal on content this week.


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