About Jeanne

My name is Jeanne.  The visual arts are my passion though it is all connected with my love of music, science, nature and our journey here together.  For several decades I have been in the field of education, working with our young children in elementary school.  For the last 15 years fortune graced me with the opportunity of teaching in the Gifted and Talented Program. So this is my professional bit of history.  It has been a grand gig.

tim jeanne sox 1About a year ago I handed the baton to a younger generation and am now full-time pursuing my creativity for my own well-being.  Photography, painting, jewelry design, journaling,and now blogging are all parts of the creative picture.

Through it all, my awareness of my spiritual path and lessons along the way in this wonderful life here permeate my work.  Being a stage 0 cancer survivor, my heart and mind have realized how precious is our time together, whether it’s the crashing of surf on a beach, ancient trees in a forest, or symphonies and jazz.

About 4 months ago there was something in my closet that was calling to me.  For the past 70 years, some of my mother’s beautiful dresses and coats from the famous mid century (40’s, 50’s, and 60’s) have been waiting patiently to be brought out and shared.  Soon I will be opening my first Etsy shop.  It will be named after my mother, Loretto.  This is a huge endeavor!  I’ve heard it said that everyone should have a business at some time in their life.

Along with my passion for creativity is my passion for my family.  From Maryland through Michigan and Nevada to Southern California, our family loves to laugh and play together.



4 thoughts on “About Jeanne

  1. Nice to read that you are following creativity for full time obtaining substantial experience. Wish you all the best for the Etsy shop named after your mother. I am waiting for the more creative stuff here


    1. Hello Fimnora,
      I have been ill and just now am returning to my blog. I am quite shocked that you wanted to nominate me for the award as I am barely getting my feet wet with this and ideas are more in my head than on the blog. I miss our 101, and have enjoyed reading your comments to others as well as your blog. -Jeanne

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