Growing Pains

2014 is coming to an end…
Lot’s of new beginnings this year
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Revise, revise, revise

Today I have spent my waking hours in bed with a miserable cold. At the same time,it’s afforded me some great pleasures reading my fellow bloggers’ works.

Early on today I read an article from an old New Yorker (July 2014) by Sasha Frere-Jones about the ambient genius Brian Eno. Brian’s music and sound have always touched me.

Later, while perusing my favorite blogs, I read about a New Yorker cover page, which I always find interesting. Wish I could give credit to the person now, but I can’t at the moment. Serendipity happened and I was able to actually spend several hours reading the current edition of the New Yorker on line from their blog. Guess who I saw? A video where Sasha took over an interview for Charlie Rose.

Later I read about how Sasha spends hours revising several times before turning things into his editor. The editor usually cuts out the first two paragraphs because he considers it “throat clearing.” I love this idea! When I hear of a writer for great magazines like Slate or The New Yorker going through it, I am inspired for my own revision process, which by the way, I have not done.  I am just doing the basics of flow and not focusing a great deal on content this week.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I feel like you are on my team and there is a safety that I feel when you visit my blog.  Being a type of creative collaborator that you are, I welcome you to make suggestions and encourage me.  This blog, my first, is full of trying new things and a constant challenge.  At some point I will actually get more into my writing and open up to you.  In the meantime, you inspire me!  What great fun!

Introducing myself

Thanks for stopping by…my name is Jeanne…

Learning, adapting and creating are a big part of my life.  It is easy for me to spend hours alone working on my own ideas.  However, there is something so exciting about taking the risk of sharing my work with others.  Creating this blog is my first personal journey of experimenting openly with others.  It feeling like jumping into a big flow instead of waiting on the banks of the river.

Last year I took a 12-week program entitled The Artist Way.  From that course I learned how so many of us are longing to be creative and struggle in various ways.  We think we are unique in our struggle.   The struggle is a great tool if we remember that its a part of the learning process.  My background is in education, having been a teacher for several decades.  It was a grand time, especially when I taught in the Gifted and Talented Program.  So now my student is me.

This first blog beginning in 2015 is a way for me to share my photography and writing.  This blog is my “mess” area where I can try different things and see what works.  In addition to this, I am jumping in to a new world of technology in which I get to “struggle” as I learn about everything on this dashboard.  My goal is to then create a new blog with my knowledge so that it is more of a dedicated photography gallery.

Reading others’ blogs is incredibly inspiring to me.   It is wonderful reading about all the creative endeavors in which people are involved.  I also love that all ages are able to come together and share.